Thursday, 14 January 2016

Iconic 80's image - Fashion from musical influence

Who doesn't think of fashion when they think of the 80's?

The 80's could arguably be considered to be one of the most iconic era's in fashion history. It was a decade that changed the fashion industry and pushed boundaries to the max. I was torn between choosing 80's fashion and 80's music but in reality, the two go hand in hand. Fashion influenced music and music influenced fashion so it's hard to talk about the one without the other.
From hippies, 'flower-power' and flares in the 70's, the dramatic change into the next decade is one that will never be forgotten. Fancy dress became acceptable as day wear, leg warmers were worn outside of the gym, big hair and men wearing make up became culturally acceptable. These fashion statements and more, which would have once been frowned upon and dismissed, became the 'norm' for people everywhere. Of course, none of this would have been possible without all of the quirky/weird/different and brave musical influences that America had to offer.

The most famous of all influences would have to include Madonna - the queen of 80's music and fashion. She created bold statements and pushed limits with regards to her style and her music. Her creativity and reinvention of her sense of style is one that has influenced thousands. Her iconic hairbands, chunky bangles and over the top necklaces created new trends all over the world. But remarkably, once she had conquered one fashion image, she would quickly create the next set of statements in a completely different way. Her sense of style was always noted with praise and with each change of outfit came a change of musical style.
If not Madonna, then Boy George most definitely made in imprint in the fashion world. It was one thing for a women to dress a bit more crazy and wear daring make up, but when Boy George came on the scene there was a whole new uproar of opinions. It was his sense of style that initially paved his way into the music industry, taking the 80's by storm. His outrages outfits were one thing, but his use of make up and openly crossdressing was something that was harder for some people to accept, but thankfully they did and he earned his well deserved place in the 80s fashion market. With that being said, whilst the younger generations thought his new out-there style and influence was incredible, the older generations had yet to be convinced, but regardless to that the bars that he set with 80s fashion were unreachable, and while many came close, I personally can't think of any one nearly as fashionably influential as Boy George.


No-one can think of the 80's and not be drawn to the crazy dress sense that was taking over the nation. These artists (and more) shaped the 80's in a way that no other decade has managed to do, while yes, each decade has its own unique fashion style that everyone easily recognises, none do it as well as the 80's. 
80's fashion didn't just change it's own decade, it continued to influence the 90's, 00's as well as the current fashion/music industry today. Purely iconic to the era and a statement that should not be forgotten. 

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