Thursday, 21 January 2016

(Week 2) Ronald Reagan: The Great Communicator!


Ronald Reagan


Amongst the negativities that surround Reagan, including making the rich richer and the poor poorer with his tax cuts. Some people suggest there were positives to Reagan as the president of the USA. His actions in front of the camera both before and during his time as president added to the image he portrayed and how he appealed to the American people

Contemporary views of Reagan - The Great Communicator 

The people at suggest that Reagan was not all bad and had some skills unmatchable but any other president, before and since his time in office. They suggest he had such strength in front of a crowd or a camera and could say his words with such conviction. Reagan is sometimes called "The Great Communicator" - he could look into a television camera like no one else and read a teleprompter like no one else. His voice was firm and used to getting points and dialogue across.

However they suggest this strength in speaking over presidents since and before him is only due to his presence on screen and experience in acting. But in fairness - we never had another President with so many movie credits to his name. Reagan had been in front of cameras many times before and he was a good actor, not a bad one. He knew his craft. This suggests that Reagan knew how to present himself to people and his work as an actor helped him connect to the American people, through his personality and his charismatic nature.

The article focuses on how a key part of being a good leader is communication and consistency of execution, which Reagan did throughout his presidency. The Article further suggests that his ideas and visions were strong, characteristics that also make you a good president. This article however is a contemporary example of how Reagan was a good president and may not reflect what people thought of him while he was president. Mainly the poorer people of the states.

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