Thursday, 28 January 2016


The Yuppie is a young college-educated adult who has a job that pays a lot of money and who lives and works in or near a large city. The definition came out during the 80's and was a large part of the cultural norms of that decade. The label has branched out to all areas of life, influencing Film, Art, Literature. The Yuppie is still a part of pop-culture today, being mentioned in an episode of the 2012 show Duck Dynasty where they use the term Yuppie to refer the "urban lifestyle or a city slicker, and could not hold their own if they were to have to go into survival mode." there was also a blog called "Stuff White People Like" that pokes fun of the Yuppie lifestyle. 

During the early 80's the Yuppie lifestyle was desirable and often sorted after by the youth. In modern films such as the 2013 Wolf of Wall Street (Based on a true story) you can see that people are actively sorting after the life style that the main character, Jordan Belfort is offering to people. However, this label did come with negative views. in a 1885 issue of The Wall Street Journal Theressa Kersten stated that "To be a Yuppie is to be a loathsome undesirable creature". When the 1987 Stock Market Crash hit, the Yuppie was announced dead. it was no longer seen as a positive thing and became a term that had a lot of negative connotations to it as it promoted egotistical tendencies.

The term Yuppie is apparently making a comeback although I have never actually heard the term until this class. This article talks about the new age of the Yuppie and compares it to what it once stood for and how it's made full circle from being desired, to being despised to now being resurrected from the dead. 

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