Thursday, 28 January 2016

The Role and Representation of the Yuppie

The Yuppie Rap

This 'Yuppie Rap' music video was created in 1989 and it presents some of the typical characteristics of the yuppie culture. Some of the lyrics in this rap are "It's what you have not what you are" and "acquisition and power are the drugs I'm on" suggesting that money and position are the most important things in life to yuppies and they would rather be rich than be happy. The rap also talks about keeping physically fit and brags about all of the expensive things yuppies tend to own such as Louis Vuitton clothing.

This rap seems to be making fun of the yuppie culture, showing the stereotype of yuppies as being stuck up and self obsessed. The music video for this rap is also mocking the culture as the main character of the male yuppie is overly happy showing his whole day as perfect so that it is purposefully unrealistic. All of the background characters all tend to be on phones, making fun of how yuppies always prioritise business and are always working.

At the end of the music video we find out that the main character was in fact dreaming of being a yuppie the whole time but instead works in a kitchen. This shows us that the culture was idolised and looked up on by those who are poorer. Although this is still portrayed in a comedic way.


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