Thursday, 25 February 2016

1980s Music Video - RUN DMC & Aerosmith and Justin Bieber & Niki Minaj

The coalition between rock 'n' roll super-band Aerosmith, and Rap group RUN DMC in 1986, in which 'Walk this Way' became an international top selling album,  track that infused rock culture of the mid-late 70s and rapidly expanding Hip-Hop trends. The music video is a brilliant representation of how two very diverse streams of music i.e. heavy rock, which incorporates variety of instuments such as guitar, drums and amps and that of  Hip-Hop, the production and performance of which synonymous with disc scratching, remixed electronic beats and rap. Additionally, it was performed by two groups that maintained extremely separate forms of musical & stage identity, Aerosmith, formed of aging white 'rockers', who maintained the stereotypical 'sex, drugs & Rock n Roll' lifestyle, and this was emphasized in the presentation of their fashion, e.g. big hair and loose open clothing, that many people in the 80's still maintained from the late 70's. RUN DMC, on the other hand, presented a new a vibrate musical and social identity of Black Youth Culture, in which they identify with the social groups attributed to gang culture and present this through the uniformity  of their groups outfits, (that symbolize the desire to obtain greater material goods e.g. gold chains, top brand trainers, sunglasses) and the aggressive manner of their performance.

The video is representative of the 1980s through the way that the groups and the audience are presented in their fashion choices and mannerism such as dancing, also it provided an alternative to popluar culture music of the time. Also the blend or 'mash up' between such varied music genres highlight not only the growing trend of being 'new and alternative' in the 80's but also the increased decline of the gap between the music and social cultures of different generations and racial groups. 

Justin Bieber's video for 'Beauty and a Beat', written, directed and shot by Just Bieber, would provide an insight into the contempary, thirty years from now as it presents many  of the stereotypical attributes of today's pop music culture. The music itself is not very significant in the representation of today, it maintains a very common mode, (auto tuned and with highly repeated verses). Artists such as Justin Bieber and Niki Minaj, who both hold large audiences and fan bases, can be used to show how current admiration for large solo artist represents the blend of numerous genres and artist types apparent in the 2010's e.g. boys bands/young white males, independent black female artist, grand R&B culture. 

Justin Biebers video is set at a large party at a waterpark which is characterized with shots of attractive young men and women, all with the strong ability to dance synchronized, this portrays idea of grandeur and extreme wealth and is meant to emphasize the lifestyle of individuals living in that environment i.e. youth in wealthy sub-urban america. The use of backing artists such as Niki Minaj, allow for small number of artist to maintain high numbers of song collaborations that bled the styles such as smooth singing and up beat rap together.

The video does highlight the current ideals of fashion of fitness that are highly desired by many of the current youth culture, and they are symbolized through artist such as Bieber and Minaj, presenting idealistic concepts that improve ones identity i.e. desire for good physical appearance, need for large scale social presence, but additionally they symbolize a degree of social vanity and requirement to alter ones self in pursuit of physical perfection, e.g. breast and dental implants, cosmetic surgery leading to a reduction in the personal authenticity (of the artist). However, the international popularity of these brand of musicians, the range of audiences they attract and the social trends and patterns they instill into today's culture are of such significance that that inevitably present to the greatest extent a perception of the contemporary  

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