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Music in the 1980s: - Top 10 Michael Jackson 80s

This YouTube video is 10 songs from Michael Jackson, that are considered his best of the 1980s. Michael Jackson was an icon of the 1980s and his songs represent the era in many ways. Firstly, the style and clothing choices within the music video demonstrate how they represent the 1980s, and the fact that his most popular songs even today, are from the 1980s. He also is best known for changing American popular culture too.

Michal Jackson himself represents the 1980s because he had many hit singles during this time, that made it to number 1. He also symbolises a breakthrough in music, where he 'reinvents' pop music. His songs highlight the cultural tensions within the society during the 1980s decade.

Interestingly, Michael Jackson became popular and successful through the 80s, which was a time of an economic recession and social change. This reinforces the notion as to why this music video represents the 1980s, because it incorporates political, social, racial and cultural issues within the United States in the 1980s.

Michael Jackson and his music represents a shift in popular culture, as they demonstrate attitudes of the 1980s. His songs stood as an effort to tell the American public, political and racial issues, and debates that were happening during this decade. This in turn, brought about change much quicker. This is shown through the music charts both in the 1980s and now, as they reached number 1, and were popular.

Furthermore, Michael Jackson was not just an American icon of the 1980s, but also an African-American icon too. This illustrates how the decade was changed dramatically due to the music from Michael Jackson, as his song 'Thriller' in particular conquered racial divides at the time. This is interesting as during the 1980s, black artists did not reach the charts. Yet Michael Jackson not only reached the charts, but he also reached number 1. This proves how both him and his music represent the 1980s, because he was the person who changed 1980s American culture for the better, and is still remembered today. -Rise (Change the game), Jeremy Dodge

This song is from the 21st Century and will represent the contemporary thirty years from now, because it highlights many debates that are happening today. These include, political, cultural and social. The fact that the song was written on the 21st of August demonstrates how the topic of the song is a current issue within the United States and creates tensions among many Americans.

The video is predominately about abortion and whether it should be able to happen or not. The video has images throughout of politicians giving speeches about the issue, and protesters both for and against abortion. A common theme of the music video is that ordinary, everyday people have to 'rise' in order to make a change in society. (News article)

This web link illustrates the tensions among the issue of abortion. It states 'Planned Parenthood: Three die in shooting at Colorado clinic', which indicates that there are mixed feelings about whether abortion should be allowed or not, suggesting that Jeremy Dodge's song would be a good representation of the future.

This image indicates whether people would prefer the laws to be made more strict, less strict or to remain the same. Interestingly, the United States has the highest percentage for abortion laws to become more strict (38%), compared to Canada and Great Britain. However, the highest percentage among the three columns for the United States, is for the abortion laws to remain the same. So this proves that although there is controversy among abortion laws etc. the majority of Americans believe that the laws should remain the same. Moreover, despite this being the case, the United States also has the smallest gap between the opinions of making the laws more strict, or keeping them the same (38%-41%). Whereas, both Canada and Great Britain do not, suggesting that there are more tensions with the topic of abortion, proving that it will be an ongoing debate. Therefore, Rise (change the game) will represent the contemporary thirty years from now. -Stand up (2nd Amendment style), Jeremy Dodge

This is another song by Jeremy Dodge, and it focuses on events within the United States that are considered controversial, and the government. It represents the notion that Americans have to stand up to injustices and the government on issues such as abortion. Jeremy Dodge says, 'We must stand up to injustice and unrighteousness and be the strong nation we were founded to be.' This reinforces American values, history and American ideology. It does this by incorporating Ronald Raegan's famous speeches into the music video, and the U.S constitution is a key feature of the song.

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