Thursday, 25 February 2016

music videos

olivia newton john - physical

Recorded in 1981, ‘Physical’ rode to number one in America on the Billboard top 100 and remained there for 10 weeks. It was Olivia Newton-John’s most popular single of her career in the United States as well as her final number one.
Just by watching the music video you can tell that it was produced in the 1980’s. Firstly looking at the clothing worn; Olivia Newton-John wears very bright tights and leg warmers as well as a high rise leotard to work out in, all things very typical of the time. Furthermore it relates to the yuppie culture of trying to stay in shape by working out a lot.

The music video however was very controversial, in some scenes there are sexual subtext but more controversial however at the end of the music video which features the men featured leaving together holding hands or with their arms around each other. The eighties were the pivotal decade in which gay culture began to emerge, particularly due to the appearance of HIV/AIDS. However in the US, the Court of Appeal ruled that there was no ‘fundamental right’ to be gay as so this video caused major controversy for many people not only in America but globally.

chainsmokers - #selfie

Produced in 2014, the Chainsmokers, had noticed how the word selfie had become a trend and they wanted to take advantage of it. They made a demo of a song containing monologue from a female clubber about taking good selfies. Inspiration came from the regular club going women that the Chainsmokers saw on their nights out in New York City. So when they were composing the track, they wanted to incorporate the "let me take a selfie" line in it somehow.

This song seems to be iconic of today’s culture with the rise of technology and the obsession that the younger generation have with social media, image and acceptance among there peers.

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