Wednesday, 24 February 2016

(Week 7) Music Videos, Then and Now

Released In 1988 i think "opposites attract" by Paula Abdul is iconic of 1980s America in both the video and the lyrics of the song. Not only did the video win video of the year but to me it screams 80s pop culture. The 80s brought a huge wave of technology with the gaming industry booming because of Nintendo in the late 80s. The inclusion of the cat figure dancing and interacting with Paula really emphasizes the technological boost the decade saw. This along with the coming together of different class's, hers obviously higher than his, coming together as one really highlights the breakdown and the issue of the class barrier. The dress sense wreaks of 80s pop culture with the use of these bright colors and crazy designs. The mix between rap and more pop-like singing also presents two rising styles in the 1980s.

I have chose to take a slightly different approach at my video that represents pop culture in the time we live in. What better video to chose than a fully digital video, with no people or real human interaction. we live in the digital age where technology is advancing quicker than we can. It highlights how dependent we have become in in such a small amount of time to elements such as siri on the i phones and general internet for day to day life and interaction. The paper clip that asks if we need and help with typing is not old at all but seems more outdated than classical record players because of the technological driven lifestyles we all live today. i doubt there is anyone in the room that doesn't have at least one social media account, such as Facebook, twitter or Instagram. The paperclip just wants to feel loved again. Hes simple but thats what makes him unique.

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