Thursday, 25 February 2016

Express Yourself/Bad Blood

Express Yourself - Madonna

When I think of the 80s, one of the many songs that stand out to me has to be, Madonna's 'Express Yourself'. The song made such a statement during the era, and received very positive reviews for it's feminist approach to sexuality at the time. Critics commented "the video portrayed the deconstructive gender-bending approach associated with free play and self-reflexivity of images and postmodernism'. 

Madonna was one of the biggest icons of the 80s, from her style, her sexuality, and her music which caused controversies throughout the media. The song really emphasises the need for women to take control of their feelings and needs, without having dependence on others.

The 80s was a decade of gender equality. Women were making their mark  in society as opposed to sticking to the typical roles that were supposed of them, and this video 

Bad Blood - Taylor Swift ft Kendrick Lamar

I've chosen Taylor Swifts 'Bad Blood' as a video from today, which I believe will represent the contemporary, thirty years from now. The message this video sends is all about female empowerment. Throughout the song, every single female in the video is shown, in some way, to have a powerful persona. Either they have/are using weapons (guns, knifes, etc.), breaking through brick walls, fighting in a boxing ring, or riding a motorbike, which are all stereotypically thought of as more manly behaviours and actions, and to see so many women taking a stand and showing the world that women are just as tough as men, is something that I believe people will remember for years.
Modern day feminism has blown up in pop-culture and todays media, with celebrity women who stand up to feminist issues, helping to create a positive change in society. Taylor Swifts music video emphasis's female independence and fighting for what you believe in.Apart from the empowerment message this video sends, it is also clearly very modernised, opening with an image of New York City and then entering a very modern office. After that it seems almost futuristic with the use of the LED lighting, machinery, gadgets and even the choice of fashion. Everything about the scenery can be seen as a representation of modern technology and how the modern world is changing so drastically with the use of technology, and possibly a dig at todays youths dependency on it. 

The song it's self it easily recognised as a song from this decade. It has a very 'modern pop' sound, mixed with Kendrick Lamar's rapping parts. It's definitely a statement song, with great representation for this era.

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