Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Back to the Future franchise

 The Back to the Future films shows that in the 1980's there was a focus on the future. It was a time of rapid technological advancement and with this came an idea of what the future could be like, such as Hoverboards. It combines elements that have now become synonymous with the 80s, such as the DeLorean. 

 With more of a focus on the sequel from 1989 because it includes only last year, the technology that was proposed in the film franchise has been attempted to have been made. In October of 2015, Nike introduced a shoe with self-tying laces, shown on Jimmy Kimmel with Michael J Fox. 
 Additionally, there is also a hoverboard, as shown by the Tony Hawk video. 
 The fashion of the characters and the music as well gives a very "nostalgic" look back at the 1980s. From the theme song to the behaviour of the characters, it's all very 80s. Which is a reason why many people still love the film today, and it's adored by those who grew up watching the films as a teenager. 

 In the Independent article, it makes the point that it gave teenagers that were "terrified by the prospect of Nuclear holocaust at the time that it was OK, they would still be able to fall in love in future."
 The film franchise as a whole, however, demonstrates that the 80s was a time when people were both looking forwards as well as backwards. Back at the Cold War, the history and still looming threat of nuclear destruction, but forwards to the 2000's, to a potentially better future, one with Hoverboards and self-tying shoes. It was a time of optimism, and in 89, they were free of Reagan (although dealing with Bush) so there was a reason to be optimistic. We may look back at them now and think that they are cheesy, or cliche, but it's amazing how accurate they have been with some of the predictions.

 As a representation of the 80s the franchise works well, both as a form of nostalgia, showing how good they were, and a cliche. This shows that these films are to many people born later, what we imagine the 80s to have been like. The music is still played today, not because people want to be in the 80s, but because the songs have managed to remain popular. - Picture of the shoes  - Jimmy Kimmel POP TV Nike Shoes.  - Tony Hawk. - Back to the Future Trailer - Back to the Future II Trailer

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