Thursday, 25 February 2016

Music Videos

Music Video from the 1980's: Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun

I have chosen Cyndi Lauper 'Girls Just Want To Have Fun' as a representation for the 1980's as it shows the changing mindset of women in the workforce and how they were becoming more independent. 

This music video starts with presenting what the traditional women looked like and their roles which was staying at home to look after the children and house. Throughout this video, this character expresses disapproval of the younger, modern women who choose to party after working all day. This disapproval was mirrored in this time period by those who believed women should not attain this freedom. 

Cyndi Lauper contrasts this character by dancing crazily and wearing unique clothing. This creates the idea that women can do whatever they want and they do not have to uphold certain standards or ways of acting in society. 

The song and video focus on women being able to work during the day, leaving time to go out at night. This can be seen in the video with women in work clothes such as a nurses uniform and business attire, reiterating the fact that it is 'when the working day is done' that women should then be able to go out, yet they still hold their professions during the day. 

Contemporary Music Video: Taylor Swift - Bad Blood

I have chosen Taylor Swift, Bad Blood as a contemporary music video that could represent common views of women in society today as even though the storyline of the video is not true, the idea of women empowerment is a large focus. 

In this video, women are shown as strong, brave and powerful, something that is fought for in the world today. We see the characters being able to do anything they want to including stereotypical male things such as riding motorbikes and wrestling. 

This video also presents the idea of being a time of technological advances.  This is very accurate when compared to the first music video as the only technology shown is a corded telephone. 

The idea of fighting and war in this music video is something that is often glorified today and is represented in many films and other forms of media. This suggests that we currently live in a time where fighting is seen as exciting and the effects of this are not always considered. 

This music video also includes many famous people of the time including singers, models and actors. This represents current society as people will be able to look back on the video and understand the high position that people in the spotlight hold.


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