Thursday, 25 February 2016

1980s v contemporary music videos

To begin, there is one music video that, to me, is so damn 80s that I believe it should have been the only song released then.  This of course is Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up'. Okay,  so why this song and video? There are major icons that signify the eighties throughout the video, the most prominent being the dancing, outfits and hair. Furthermore the style of music is much in keeping with the popular music at the time meaning it is easily identifiable within the eighties culture. The song was released in 1987, so you could argue that a feel of the 90s is beginning to creep into the video (I would argue the clothes could also be said to be early 90s). Nonetheless the music video itself still perpetuates the contemporary eighties.

Now for the contemporary. This video is what our culture is all about, looking good, poor relationships and an apparent difficulty to find love. Well, that what the media tells us our culture is anyway. Nevertheless this videone works well because it actually makes fun of our culture, the poor broken hearted girl who has nothing better to do but cry at home and order a motivational dvd off the TV. . Much like the workout dvd's we see everywhere right now. Funnily enough though as with all of the forms of media (well most) released right now, it features anew almost perfect and idealised woman which of course helps to sell the music video to both men and women and is one of the major signifies of our culture. Comparing the Rick Astley's video, both the costumes and hair and dancing can all be signifies of the generation in which they were released and I can imagine that 30 years from now it will be just as easy to place the decade of this music video as it is to place the decade of Never Gonna Give You Up.

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