Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Hall & Oates, Cruising California!

Hall & Oates - Out Of Touch
With huge hair, flamboyant clothes and lots of black and white shots, I feel that this music video screams out the 80's. With the lead singer having a half mullet half perm, two hair styles that were iconic of the 80s paired with his leopard jacket over a plain t-shirt I feel the look of 'smart-casual' represents the style of fashion that was popular during the 80's in pop-culture. 
The fast paced music video transitions from shots of the band playing oversized drums, to Hall and Oates dancing on a bright white background. The use of the strobe light is the opposite of subtle and is used almost too much, especially when the video randomly turns into black and white. 

The Offspring - Cruising California
The song i've chosen as a contemporary music video is a little bit of a cheat. Cruising California is a song poking fun of popular music of the past decade and the music video does the same. Full of shots of the sun and beaches of California coupled with overly sexualised women and people parting, I feel that this music video captures the essence of pop-culture since the mid 00's. Getting drunk, Having fun with your friends and partying hard is all that seems to be included in popular music.