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The Blues Brothers (1980)

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Image result for blues brothers

The Blues Brothers (1980) , is considered as a 'Cult Classic'. It is set in Chicago, during the point of the social and economic collapse of the city in the Reagan era, The story depicts two brothers, Jake and Elwood, who are (upon Jake' release from 'the County Jail' ), Embark on a journey of obtaining fame and finance (a comical $5000, bid to save their childhood housing project), The film projects the urban environment, and all the racial and social-economic problems of the time, i.e. Failed (religiously supported) welfare, post incarceration, employment for the under classes. The reason why this film is so fundamental to the ear of the 1980's, was because of the class undertones portrayed between those of the 'working class' and the hierarchical society, Image result for blues brothers

The 'band' being comprised of individuals who are involved in typical 'average joe' jobs , who renounce their occupations in pursuit of a an occupancy that although pays less is, in a orientation with their specific dreams and desire. The film is very present in showing the povertish side of urban living, such as Jake and Elwood living next to a rail-line and surviving off gas cooked toast.

Within the context of the film, several key social phenomenon, such as (satirical) racism, which is shown though 'the fucking Illinois Nazi' which shows there is some residual anti-Semitic (and minority group), Black 'ghetto' culture (i.e urban chicken shop) , and the social insecurities of the aggressive upper class, through the representation of the bar owner and manger.

Overall the movie presents  a comical version of the era but also shows how the conditions of social, economic and political pressure that were a constant issue or metropolitan culture

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