Thursday, 25 February 2016

Take on Me - A-Ha

Boy George may be the only true savior of music in the 80's following on from a huge inspiration from David Bowie, George led the band the culture club pushing the boundaries of not only their music but fashion and vague sexuality. This paired with the traditional low budget British filming, clearly seen as what is meant to be Louisiana seems to be filmed in middle England creates massive nostalgia for a time gone by. It could even be said this attempt at a fake america could be seen as a tie in to Britain ever growing urge to be more american, which this ideology succumbs to huge expansion during the 1980's. Though the themes of the song hardly differ to the more contemporary music, love and heart brake are forever the favorite emotions for musicians to write about.

Sia - Chandelier

Sia herself has taken a different approach to performing other than most artists she chooses not to show her face, with Boy George representing the start of a modern trend of music videos and mass fame with a recognizable face Sia is in a time where she believes the media have gone to far with idolizing musicians and their faces. This is shown in the music video where we do not see the artist but instead are shown with a child dressed as Sia running around an empty flat.

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